Our Story

One day, an after-work trip to the grocery store on the metro inspired Montreal-based designer Jordan Marcelino to build the next great product.

Tired of a building pile of ugly reusable grocery bags, and of tote bags that quite frankly can’t do the job without crushing everything of value in the process, a challenge was self-set: Design a solution to low-value reusable grocery bags.

With that goal in mind, we made a bag that can take us anywhere:
From the office, to the grocery store, to picnics, and beyond. We designed a bag that could carry heavy loads, protect your valued items from spillables and produce, and look great all at once.

Carry Life

We hope that with the Milmo 1813 and future products, you'll be able to unlock a new sense of freedom.

A freedom that allows you to pickup anything no matter how messy things might be, no matter how messy life might get. 

Your laptop bag should be able to bring snacks to the picnic.

Your shopping bag should be able to bring drinks and a change of clothes to the water.

Your day bag should be able to hold groceries on your way home from the sleepover.

Your bag should be able to carry life.